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    Lismore, New South Wales, Australia



    Matches 1 to 30 of 30

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ANTONIOLLI, Fioravante  1886Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I1963
    2 ANTONIOLLI, Marsamiliano G.  1884Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I440
    3 BATCHELOR, Gregory Neville   I2542
    4 BERTOLI, Marie Ann   I2328
    5 DAY, Robin Samuel   I2357
    6 DREW, Lynette   I2316
    7 FOX, Andrew James   I8777
    8 FOX, Brendan Josheph   I9737
    9 FOX, Corrine Joy  28 Feb 1988Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I9738
    10 FOX, Gary James   I7057
    11 GEORGE, Ellie Lu   I2399
    12 GEORGE, Jasmine Belinda   I2403
    13 GEORGE, Mia Lani   I2400
    14 HAMPSON, Harold Reginald  7 Feb 1913Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I10887
    15 JOHNSON, Ian  1942Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I982
    16 JOHNSON, Kelvin   I949
    17 JOHNSON, Warren Francis  4 Apr 1939Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I960
    18 MCGUIRE, Leslie Joseph  16 Jun 1946Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I5280
    19 MCGUIRE, Timothy Andrew   I5485
    20 ROSE, Daniel James   I9733
    21 ROSE, Matthew John   I9732
    22 ROSE, Michael Shane   I9731
    23 SCOTT, Beverly Maude   I2346
    24 SCOTT, Charles William   I2341
    25 SCOTT, David Samuel   I2348
    26 SCOTT, Elizabeth Diane   I2344
    27 SCOTT, Joan Denise   I2345
    28 SCOTT, Linda Jean   I2343
    29 SCOTT, Marie Patricia   I2349
    30 STEWART, Mackenzie   I140


    Matches 1 to 23 of 23

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BERTOLI, Bortola  24 Apr 1953Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2279
    2 BERTOLI, Christina  1965Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I162
    3 BERTOLI, Florence  1964Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2118
    4 BERTOLI, Frederick  25 Jul 1993Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2033
    5 BERTOLI, Giacomo  25 Oct 1971Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2174
    6 BERTOLI, Giovanni  8 Apr 1960Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2148
    7 BERTOLI, Ivy May  2 Dec 1998Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2167
    8 BERTOLI, Natali  1975Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2189
    9 BERTOLI, Natali  1975Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I6987
    10 BERTOLI, Regina  30 Jun 1985Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2303
    11 BERTOLI, Santo  23 Mar 1952Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2436
    12 FLATLEY, Catherine  1949Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3870
    13 FLATLEY, Elizabeth  1953Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3829
    14 FLATLEY, James  1952Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3793
    15 FLATLEY, John  1916Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I19
    16 FLATLEY, John  1956Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3853
    17 FLATLEY, Martin Joseph  1963Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3865
    18 FLATLEY, Mary Jane  1958Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3817
    19 FLETT, Mary Ann Hunter  1968Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3894
    20 FOX, Corrine Joy  28 Feb 1988Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I9738
    21 MCGEE, Anne  1930Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I3769
    22 MCGUIRE, Leslie Joseph  9 Oct 2001Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I5280
    23 RODER, Teresa  28 May 1939Lismore, New South Wales, Australia I2533


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 DAY / BERTOLI   F754
    2 HAMPSON / BERTOLI  1935Lismore, New South Wales, Australia F31
    3 SCOTT / BERTOLI  5 Sep 1943Lismore, New South Wales, Australia F78