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    New Italy Nsw Australia



    Matches 1 to 35 of 35

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BATTISTUZZI, Dominic  25 Jul 1911New Italy Nsw Australia I345
    2 BATTISTUZZI, George Raymond  14 Aug 1909New Italy Nsw Australia I570
    3 BERTOLI, Ernest  1906New Italy Nsw Australia I1999
    4 FAVA, Angelina  8 May 1896New Italy Nsw Australia I3274
    5 FAVA, Maria Teresa  4 Sep 1886New Italy Nsw Australia I3228
    6 FELICIETTI, Angelina  1 Dec 1896New Italy Nsw Australia I3668
    7 FELICIETTI, Antoni  1898New Italy Nsw Australia I3681
    8 FELICIETTI, Giovanni  1894New Italy Nsw Australia I3656
    9 FELICIETTI, Guiseppi  23 Jun 1892New Italy Nsw Australia I3643
    10 FELICIETTI, Louigia  25 Apr 1886New Italy Nsw Australia I3476
    11 FELICIETTI, Margarita  1889New Italy Nsw Australia I3631
    12 FELICIETTI, Maria  1900New Italy Nsw Australia I3455
    13 FLATLEY, Catherine  1887New Italy Nsw Australia I3870
    14 FLATLEY, Martin Joseph  1882New Italy Nsw Australia I3865
    15 FLATLEY, Susan Justina  1887New Italy Nsw Australia I3882
    16 FLATLEY, William  1885New Italy Nsw Australia I3788
    17 FLETT, Isabella  1889New Italy Nsw Australia I4062
    18 FLETT, Katie Rhoda  1892New Italy Nsw Australia I3987
    19 NARDI, Angelo  6 Dec 1899New Italy Nsw Australia I6635
    20 NARDI, Annetta  10 Dec 1882New Italy Nsw Australia I6831
    21 NARDI, Giovanni  9 Dec 1885New Italy Nsw Australia I6843
    22 RODER, Christina  1885New Italy Nsw Australia I3244
    23 RODER, Jean Elizabeth  14 May 1931New Italy Nsw Australia I2727
    24 RODER, John Mervyn  Aug 1929New Italy Nsw Australia I2726
    25 SERONE, Dominic  2 Oct 1904New Italy Nsw Australia I9637
    26 SERONE, Domonico  Feb 1903New Italy Nsw Australia I9695
    27 SERONE, Francesco  23 Sep 1897New Italy Nsw Australia I6362
    28 SERONE, Giovanni  Sep 1901New Italy Nsw Australia I9625
    29 SERONE, Guissepi  12 Sep 1899New Italy Nsw Australia I9614
    30 SERONE, Maria  12 Jan 1908New Italy Nsw Australia I9660
    31 SERONE, Marienne  1895New Italy Nsw Australia I7071
    32 SERONE, Vincenza M.  1894New Italy Nsw Australia I9454
    33 SPINAZE, Lodozico  29 Dec 1897New Italy Nsw Australia I10261
    34 SPINAZE, Louisa  9 Nov 1888New Italy Nsw Australia I10451
    35 TUNSTEAD, Mary Amelia May  21 Sep 1898New Italy Nsw Australia I249


    Matches 1 to 6 of 6

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BAZZO, Antonio  12 Jan 1910New Italy Nsw Australia I6
    2 BEREN, Elizabeth  28 May 1933New Italy Nsw Australia I3968
    3 GUARISCHI, Giovanni  30 Dec 1937New Italy Nsw Australia I4660
    4 PAULON, Catherina  25 Sep 1905New Italy Nsw Australia I6633
    5 SERONE, Domonico  24 Mar 1903New Italy Nsw Australia I9695
    6 SPINAZE, Lorenzo  2 Jan 1893New Italy Nsw Australia I60


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BAZZO / RODER  30 Sep 1908New Italy Nsw Australia F353
    2 FAVA / RODER  7 Jun 1911New Italy Nsw Australia F994
    3 RODER / FAVA  1911New Italy Nsw Australia F995