These genealogy records were primarily sourced from "Our Italian Heritage 1880-1980" compiled by H.T. De Stefani and S.M. Craven

They are kept up to date by information submitted by descendants.

Please contact Lester Cooke if you have any corrections or additions for these family records.

If a female descendant of one of the families listed, marries a male descendant of one of the families listed, then, her descendants are listed under that male descendant’s line.

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ANTONIOLLI    Antonio FLATELY    John NICOLIA    Vincent ROS    Pietro
ANTONIOLLI    Luigi FLETT    Thomas ONEDA    Battista ROSOLEN    Giovanni
BARBEROTTO    Lucia GAVA    Giovanni PALIS    ??? SANOTTI    Pietro
BATTISTUZZI    Dominico GAVA    Maria PEDRINI    Felice SCALA    Angelo
BATTISTUZZI    Giovanni GUARISCHI    Girolomo PERIN    Lorenzo SCALA    Pasquale
BAZZO    Antonio IANNA    Constante PELLIZER    Augustin SCARRABELOTTI    Michel
BELLOTTI    Antonio MAROZIN    Guiseppe PEZZUTTI    Antonio SERONE    Francesco
BERTOLI    Angelo MARTINUZZI    Guiseppe PEZZUTTI    Nicholas SPINAZE    Dominic
BERTOLI    Santo MAZZARI    Giovanni PICCOLI    Andrea SPINAZE    Giovanni
BUORO    Antonio MAZZER    Pietro PIVETTA    Antonio SPINAZE    Lorenzo
CAM    Rocco MELLARE    Antonio RODER    Angela SUMAVILLA    Dominico
CAPELIN    Lorenzo MORANDINI    Dominico RODER    Antonio TEDESCO    Joseph
De MORI    Francesca MORANDY    Antonio RODER    Bestino TOME    Giovanni
FAVA    Natale MOTTIE    Luigie RODER    Francesco TOME    Girolomo
FELETTI    Antonio NARDI    Antonio RODER    Giovanni ZAIA    Angelo
FELICIETTI    Antonio NARDI    Vincenzo RODER    Lorenzo ZANNINI    Domenic

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