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2019 Spring 

From our President John Barnes OAM. :-

Many improvements have been made to the site for the benefit of our visitors and overnight campers including :-

  • Car park lighting and security fencing
  • Picnic shelter
  • Washroom for plates and faces.
  • Footbridge access to the site from the Bus Stop

Recent Events :-

  • A meeting was hosted in the Community Hall on Sunday 7th of July.
    The Benzina Group briefed New Italy residents on their proposed Service Centre to the south of Historic New Italy, and addressed questions raised by the residents on the impact of this development.
  • The McCormack Family had a gathering of the clan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the wedding of their ancestors Michael McCormack and Johanna Bertolli

Coming Events :-

  • Our gift shop Casa Vecchia is hosting an Italian Fashion Parade in the Community Hall on Saturday 7th of September showcasing the very elegant garments from Etika of Lismore
  • Italian Film Festival – more info at

Old things being revalued at Historic New Italy :-

  • The Antoniolli well
  • The Bertolli windmill
  • The Ida Nardi Plaque
  • The Park of peace

What’s Happening in the Museum and the Pavilion :-

  • The museum upgrade continues with new displays being designed for the Dr. Monti cabinet and the New Italy School
  • Also in the planning stage is the renovation of the tower and front entrance of the pavilion for when the highway upgrade has re-established our front car park.

Volunteer Profile :-
David is our steadfast (stand-fast) meet and greet volunteer. He is often included in visitor selfies and is very popular with the birds. 🙂

2019 Winter 

From our President John Barnes OAM. :- The pressures of change and our responses

  • Growing Popularity- 600 visitors a day, expected to rise significantly when the highway is completed.
  • Complying with Government regulations.
  • Meeting the expectations of the modern travelling public.
  • Seizing the opportunities presented by the Highway upgrade.
  • Creating a legacy of operational and commercial viability for the next generation of volunteers.

Recent Events :-

  • At a General Meeting on 26 May 2019 the members voted to make changes to the Constitution  to align it with the recommendations of the Office of Fair Trading and to add the necessary clauses to enable us to apply for registration as a charity with The Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission.  Following the meeting members were briefed on the ” NIMI Strategic Plan 2019-2024″ and the Highway Service Centre at New Italy proposed by the Benzina Group.
  • Your Committee is considering a separate and not mutually exclusive proposal for an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Historic New Italy proposed by Tesla.
  • Safety fences have been installed to restrict access to the bio-retention pond of the new car park  to isolate  a fall hazard at the corner of the Community Hall

Coming Events :-

  • ” Piazza in the Park ” Lismore Friendship Festival Sunday 23rd June
  • “Chrismas in July” Italo Club Lismore Friday 5th July
  • “Italian Spring Fashion Parade” Historic New Italy Hall Saturday 31 August

The Museum Report :-

  • Is it “La Cea Venezia” or “La Cella Venezia” ???
  • The Museum Monday group is taking part in the 2019 M&G NSW Standards Program
  • As the museum upgrade continues, the Museum Monday group acquires new skills and knowledge.

Casa Vecchia Gift Shop :- Recently added to our range of quality goods

  • 1899 photograph of New Italy settlers
  • Settlers Mugs
  • Novel “Dancing for the Marquis”

Volunteer Profile for Peter Bortolin, Florian Volpato and others :- They built the place.


2019 Autumn 

From our President John Barnes OAM. :- How we are meeting the challenges of the Highway Upgrade.

Our Strategic Plan for the period 2019 to 2024 has been completed.

Recent Events :- The Museums Australia Far North Coast Chapter Meeting, and a vist from Michele Grigolletti from ComitEs NSW.

Coming Events :- Anniversary Day Celebration on the 7th of April,  and a Spring Fashion Parade on the 31st of August.

The Museums Report :- The Community Wall graphics installed and the Genealogy Station proposal.

Casa Vecchia Gift Shop :- Check out our range of handmade Italian handbags and backpacks – molto elegante –.

Volunteer Profile for Peter Ward :- Expert photographer – assisting us with the digitisation of our records.

2018 Summer * From our President John Barnes OAM. – A tribute to Spencer Spinaze MBE CDL (1924 – 2018) – *  Strategic Plan – Online Survey Winner  *  Grandparents Day  *  AGM Report * Remembrance Day * The Museum Upgrade * The Italian Pavilion * Casa Vecchia Gift Shop *   Volunteer Profiles:  Val and Kel Walker.

2018 Spring * From our President John Barnes OAM. – An era of change – *  Early cooking at New Italy  *  The Welcome Wall  * Reporting on The Lismore Friendship Festival  *  An Invitation to Grandparent’s Day  *  The Museum Upgrade * The Italian Pavilion – Map your surname in Italy – *  AGM 2018 Notification *   Volunteer Profile:  Dot Sawatski OAM.

2018 Winter * From our President John Barnes OAM. * The “India”, a vessel unfit for purpose * Anniversary Day Celebration * The Fashion Parade * Update on the Museum Upgrade. * Volunteer Profile: Gail Williams.

2018 Autumn * From our President John Barnes OAM. * Recent and upcoming Events * An invitation to our Anniversary Day celebration * Remembering our fallen New Italy ANZACS * Update on the Museum Upgrade. * Volunteer Profile: Americo Melchior.

2017 Summer * From our President John Barnes OAM. The story of Antonio Felicietti – a settler of New Italy * From New Italy to Beersheeba – Trooper Frederick Mazzer * Vale Tony Felicietti. * Volunteer Profile: Tina Sheehy.

2017 Spring  * From our President John Barnes OAM. * Enterprise, Courage and Service, a Caminiti Family Legacy * What’s on and what’s happening at New Italy … the Museum upgrade + more. * Volunteer Profile: Robert Antoniolli.

2017 Winter * From our President John Barnes OAM. * Remembering 2 New Italy descendants killed on active duty in WWI * What’s on and what’s happening at New Italy … the Museum upgrade + more. * Volunteer Profile: Leone Lane.

2017 Autumn  * From our President: The Millstone. * Plans for Carnevale Italiano 2017 * Museum Upgrade update. * What’s happening at New Italy. * Volunteer Profile: Dr. Jo Kijas.

2016 Summer  * From our President: The New Italy Museum Complex. * The New Italy Museum Upgrade- so far. * What’s happening at New Italy. * Volunteer Profile: Susan Creasy.

2016 Spring  * From our President: The Highway Upgrade. * Plans for the New Italy Museum Upgrade. * What’s happening at New Italy. * Volunteer Profile: Margaret Robinson.

2016 Winter  * From our President: The 135th. Anniversary. * Carnevale Italiano: the wrap up. * Lismore Friendship Festival: Piazza in the Park. * What’s happening at New Italy. * Volunteer Profile: Leone Stibbard.

2016 Autumn  * From our President: The Piazza Renovations. * Plans for Carnevale ITALIANO 2016. * From our Supporting Partners. * What’s happening at New Italy. * Volunteer Profile: Ellen Barnes.

2015 Spring  * From our President: Plans for the Piazza. * ANZAC honour roll Unveiling Ceremony. * Become a volunteer! * Thanks to our major supporting Partners. * What’s happening at new Italy.* Volunteer Profile: Paulene Blackwood.

2015 Winter  * From our President: Site Improvements * Feature: Carnevale Italiano – the wrap up. * Our supporting partner: The Italo-Australia Club Lismore. * What’s happening at new Italy. * Volunteer Profile :- Lester Cooke.

2015 Autumn  * From our President: Pioneering Women of New Italy * Feature: Carnevale Italiano Program and Entertainers. * What’s happening at new Italy. * Volunteer Profile :- Dot Randle.

2014 Summer  * From our President: Volunteers are Diamonds. * Feature: Casa Vecchia shop. * What’s happening at new Italy * Did you know? * Volunteer Profile :- Ian Cooke.

2014 Spring  * From our President: Progress at New Italy. * New Italy’s ANZACS – a Centenary of anzac project. * The Italian Pavilion * Did you know?

2014 May  * What happened at Carnevale Italiano 2014 * Lismore Italo Club Dinner Dance * Italian Week * Did you know?

2014 March  * Get ready for Carnevale  Italiano 2014 * Changes taking place in the Pavilion * New items for the Museum * Casa Vecchia Gift Shop * Impact of Pacific Highway upgrade.

2012 July  * We have received a copy of Mr Pryor’s Master’s thesis on New Italy. * We have been successful with three grants for funding. * The Leonardo da Vinci “car” is up and running. * The Casa Vecchia shop is on the move.

2012 April  * Anniversary Day Special *
This is a special issue of the New Italy Giornale to express our appreciation to the businesses who supported the 2012 Anniversary Day on Sunday 15 April, to thank every one for coming along, and also to share some photos from what was a wonderful day!

2012 March This month we introduce our new President and Committee; give you the date of the 2012 Anniversary Celebrations; announce a new partnership with SCU; and let you know about opportunities for volunteering at New Italy.

2011 December As Christmas approaches we are putting out a call for: • volunteers to help keep our museum gift shop open more days • Christmas shoppers looking for a unique gift and • green thumbs to grow Italian heirloom plants for us to sell.

2010 February In this issue … 1. The President’s Word 2. Remembering Dorothea (Dot) Sawatzki 3. Anniversary Day News 4. Introducing the Community Development Worker 5. Highlights from 2009 6. Our Plans for 2010 7. Help us name our own Daylily 8. Recipe for the New Italy Museum Cookbook 9. Song: Anyone for some La Traviata? 10. NIMI contact details.