Television Advertising


The New Italy Museum averages around 570 visitors every day. That is nearly 210,000 visitors every year.

Many of these visitors frequent the café where our large screen television displays advertisements in a loop.

Could your local business benefit from the exposure to potential customers that are right here, right now?


How it works

The prominent TV in our café displays 30 different high definition (4K) images in a loop of 10 second time slots.

Each image is displayed for 10 seconds, and then the next image is shown.

Each image is seen every 5 minutes for 10 seconds from 8am to 4pm. Just under 100 times per day.

30 Slots are available, a business may subscribe to no more than 2 slots.


Additional Features

In addition to the TV advertisements, you will be listed on the supporters page on our website. (included in price) 

You can choose to have a link back to your own website or social media page from your listing. (included in price)

  • A link from well established and trusted .ORG website has strong benefits for SEO (search engine optimisation)

If you don’t have either, we can create a single page on our website for you. ($100.00 one off fee)

  • The options in this section are also available to businesses that choose not to advertise on the TV in our café.



You will need to supply us with:

For the TV in the café:

A single high quality (4K)  landscape orientation image in jpeg format at 3840 x 2160 pixels.

For the website:

A single high quality (HD) image in jpeg format at 1920 x 1080 pixels, either landscape or portrait orientation.

A short ‘blurb’ of 1 or 2 sentences to accompany your image. (optional)

The website or social media page URL to link to.

For your own page on our website:

High quality images and text for display. 1920 x 1080 pixels in jpeg format, either landscape or portrait orientation.

Up to 5 images and 1500 words of text are allowed.

Provide a rough layout in a word document or similar.



TV advertising in café:

Subscription is $10 per month, per slot. Maximum of 2 slots per business.

Inclusion on Supporters page with link to chosen page:

No Charge

Creation and Hosting of a Single Page Listing on our website:

With a link from our supporters page. $100.00 setup fee, NO ongoing charges.


Terms and Conditions

Minimum term of TV advertising subscriptions – 3 months

Maximum number of TV slots – 2

  • Discounts must be provided by advertisers to New Italy members:
  • New Italy members are entitled to a discount of 10% of the invoice total on presentation of their membership card.

Current paid up advertising subscriptions will be renewed in preference to new subscriptions.

The content of all text and images provided must be suitable for public display and will be reviewed by the New Italy Museum committee for compliance.


Removal of Advertisements

TV ads will be removed when the subscription period ends.

Supporters page listings will be maintained whilst the advertiser continues to give discounts to members of New Italy.

Single Page listings will be maintained whilst the advertiser continues to give discounts to members of New Italy.


For more Information

Contact Ross Fraser (webmaster) at or call 0423 649 888 during business hours.


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