Wine making at home


Wine making at the New Italy home of the Pezzutti family in 1895.

Left to Right: Giacomo Piccoli, Antonio Pezzutti, Antonio Pagano, Angelina Pezzutti, Gus Pezzutti.

New Italy Businesses: Grapes, Groceries and the Mail.

Three wine shops existed in the New Italy settlement over time. Luigi, Antoniolli and his family’s two story home and wine shop stood on the highway, at the site of today’s museum complex.

It was a popular weekend spot for Woodburn locals, as well as travellers, and ran from 1889 to 1901. However, it fell foul of licensing laws and was closed down.

Vincenzo Nardi and his family ran their licensed wine shop between 1889 to about 1910. Antonio Pezzutti obtained a new license in 1904 at the other end of the settlement opposite the school.

There was also at least one general store in operation throughout the settlement’s history. The Antoniollis sold groceries and haberdashery amongst other items. The Pezzuttis established a store from at least 1900. Tonie Pedreni and his wife, Doris (nee Trustum), then took over their wine shop, store and the post office in 1927.

However, as people kept moving away, Tonie reflected on a problem that had always dogged the community: “We had the wine shop, 27 head of cattle, made butter to sell, grew all our own vegetables, but still could not make a living without my going out to work. ”

When they close the business in 1939, moving to Casino, ignore the end of New Italy as a settlement.

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