Ian O’Driscoll

Artist in Residence

Ian began sculpting glass in 1981 in Sydney. In 1984 he and his family moved to Evans Head in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. It was at that time he began glass flamework in earnest.

Many years experience on the regional market circuit, condusting shopping centre exhibitions and supplying galleries and gift stores throughout Eastern Australia have added to the depth and diversity of Ian’s range.

His works have been exhibited in many galleries, from Darwin to Ayers Rock and from Port Douglas in North Queensland to Milawee in South Victoria.

From 1991 to 2003 the family’s retail stores “Acclaim to Flame” in Byron Bay and Lismore were the retail outlets for Ian’s creations.

He now operates exclusively from the New Italy Museum Complex.

With over 40 years experience behind the torch, Ian is considered a ‘survivor’ in his field. Almost anything can be made of glass and commissioned pieces are often requested for special occasions.

Phone: 0414 668 223 or email: ianod@skymesh.com.au

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