Pioneer and his dog

Designed and built by Carlo Jacuzzi this sculpture was unveiled by the Italian Consul General Dr Fabio de Nardis in 1992. The work was created to praise and honour all the pioneers of this country. In particular it celebrates those Italian migrants who had the strength and courage to forge a new life in this area which they named ‘New Italy’.


The “Pioneer and his Dog”

Replica of Michelangelo’s David

This statue is situated in courtyard of the Museum Complex


Venere Italica

This Statue “replica of Venere Italica” by Canova was donated to the New Italy Museum by Biondon Fonderie Artistche of “Montorio” (Verona) Italia.

Replica of “Venere Italica” outside the
Italian Pavilion

Stroll on to The Park of Peace

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