A new Park of Peace: ‘Il Parco Delle Pace’

Giacomo at his place – his ‘Park of Peace’

At the time of the commemoration of the New Italy Historical site, plans for a Park of Peace at New Italy were discussed. Florian Volpato, the Lismore correspondent for the Sydney newspaper La Fiamma, reported on Giacomo Piccoli’s motivation for his original Park of Peace and the proposal for a new park:

Giacomo Piccoli at his Park of Peace in c1953, alongside one of the named signs. Courtesy Richmond River Historical Society

“During the last few years of solitude and meditation, Giacomo observed all the events of the world in isolation and objectivity and came to the conclusion that ‘Peace is the Supreme Gift of Humanity.’… Giacomo dedicated the most important trees to the people of international fame who contributed to peace in the world. He attached a tag with respected names to each tree. When Giacomo died the ‘The Park of Peace’ was abandoned. Once again it returned to forest.

The New Italy organising committee intend to buy five hectares of land in the heart of New Italy and recreate ‘The Park of Peace’ and start a new plantation of trees on the occasion of the centenary celebration. Every year there will be new trees planted with the new names attached.”


In 2011, New Italy Museum workers attempted to map the Park of Peace plantings identifying the plant varieties and the people to whom they were dedicated. Botanist, Tein McDonald, identifed the trees, while the Museums Group recalled the plantings. Note that some trees were missing at that time while others were unacknowledged. Plaques were found unattached to trees. As far as possible NIMI is determined to acknowledge all who have trees dedicated to them.


The Park of Peace tree planting tradition continues…
Above: Spencer Spinaze and Nicola Volpato 2001


John Barnes and Gail Williams planting a mango tree for Nelson Mandela 2013


The Bortolin family plant a tree in memory of Peter Bortolin at Anniversary Day in 2023 


The Robinson family plant a treen in memory of Sam Robinson also at Anniversary Day in 2023


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