Below is a small selection of the many books available in our Gift Shop, telling the New Italy story.

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Turmoil~Tragedy to Triumph

Title: Turmoil – Tragedy to Triumph – the Story of New Italy
Author: Anne – Gabrielle Thompson
Publisher: International Colour Productions, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia (1980)

Salami, Shortbread & Parrot Pie

Title: Salami, Shortbread & Parrot Pie – stories of Multicultural New Italy
Author: Jo Kijas, Kate Gahan, and the Museum Monday Group
Publisher: New Italy Museum Inc.(2013)


Title: Paradiso – A novel
Author: Steve Capelin
Publisher: AndAlso Books (2021)

New Italy Remembered

Title: New Italy Remembered
Author: Richmond River Historical Society Inc.
Publisher: Richmond River Historical Society Inc. (2009)


Title: New Italy – Commemorative ceremony for Giacomo Piccoli
Writer: Jim Patch
Producer: Joe Testa
Publisher: New Italy (1992)

Title: Story of New Italy – A Living Heritage (Hosted by Floriano Volpato)
Writer, producer, director:  Giuseppe Testa
Publisher: New Italy (1993)

Title: New Italy – La Saga dell’ immigrazione italiano in Australia
Author: Floriano Volpato
Publisher: Il Globo and La Fiamma, Carlton, Victoria, Australia (1983)

Title: They Were Expeditioners
Author: Rosemary Harrigan (Email:
Publisher: Self Published (2006)

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