The New Italy “virtual” Museum is constantly evolving.

We invite residents, past residents, students, descendants, researchers and community groups to submit stories relating to the history and culture of the New Italy region and the Italian Immigrants who first arrived here in 1880.

Please contact Lester Cooke to submit your story.

Select a story from the links below.

The Niau family and New Italy
Giacomo Piccoli
The greatest people
Grandma’s survival
New year in New Italy
The Caminiti family
The Spinaze family
Mary and Teresa Pellizer
The Pezzutti family
The Irish Italians
The Zaia Story
Born in a Mud Hut
The Oneda/Massari Odyssey
Piccoli and Belotti family : Accidental Australian Migrants
Thank God for Marquis de Rays

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