Having survived their disastrous journey from Italy in search of a promised land near New Guinea (outlined in the History section of the website), about 40 families eventually reunited to make their homes near today’s Museum. The displays include extensive memorabilia of the original families who came to farm here from 1882. Poor land produced great hardship. However, in the Australian bush they produced internationally award winning silk and made their own wine and salami.

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(1) A Place Full of Stories

  • More than 30 families from Northern Italy left a land of poverty and political turmoil seeking a new start. Instead they found death and despair before being brought to Australia and settling in New Italy in the late 1880’s.

(2) Leaving Home, Why did they go?

  • The opportunity to make a better life for their families in ‘La Nouvelle France’ in the South Pacific was the lure that led many to flee the Veneto region of Northern Italy.

(3) The Swindler: Marquis de Rays

  • A master of deception and the creator of schemes doomed to failure, was looking to restore the wealth his ancestors enjoyed.

(4) From Hope to Despair

  • Can you imagine taking responsibility to pack up call family and move to an unknown land? It took desperation, hope and faith.

(6) Shipwrecked Mariners

  • Henry Parkes allows the Italians to settle in Australia, subject to some conditions.

(7) This Place

  • What was the landscape like before the Italians arrived?