ANZAC Day 2024



New Italy’s ANZACs commemorated at New Italy Museum – ANZAC Day 2024

As World War I broke out in 1914, some young men from New Italy, all with Italian parents, were confronted with the “call to arms” as Australia formed the Australian Imperial Force – the 1st AIF – that was to join the British forces in Europe.

These young men had no family ties to England or a tradition of loyalty to the King of England. What were the influences that caused 13 of these young men to enlist and then be thrown into the bloody conflict that was developing in Europe? For some, the gratitude felt to the country that “rescued” their parents would have weighed on them. For others, their sense of mateship with other young Australians who were signing up would have drawn them to the recruiting offices. And of course, some would have experienced the urge to break out of the monotony of their current lives and take part in the huge adventure that was the war in Europe.

Whatever the reasons for this 1st generation of the New Italy settlers to enlist in the 1st AIF, these 13 young men became part of the making of the ANZAC legend. Two of the New Italy ANZACs did not return (John Caminiti and Lorenzo Nardi), another 7 were wounded and 2 were decorated for bravery. Those who returned to their families carried with them the experiences of active service which for most included trench warfare in Belgium and France.

On ANZAC Day, a commemorative service was held at the Museum at the New Italy ANZACS Honour Roll at 10am. Peter Blackwood officiated, and New Italy Museum President, Gail Williams, laid a wreath on behalf of New Italy Museum Inc. (NIMI). A gathering of 12 visitors observed a minute of silence and planted crocheted poppies in sand at the base of the Honour Roll. Lest we forget.

A small crowd of people participated at the New Italy ANZAC Commemoration infront of the ANZAC Honour Roll in the New Italy Museum


New Italy Museum Inc.(NIMI) President, Gail Williams, laid the wreath at New Italy ANZACs Roll of Honour board


NIMI VicePresident John Barnes plants a poppy at the Roll of Honour


Peter Blackwood (formerly NIMI Treasurer) officiated at the New Italy ANZAC commemoration


Peter Blackwood with members of the NIMI committee John Barnes, Leonie Lane, Michele Bertoli and Gail Williams


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