General Dog Information:

Dogs ARE allowed in the museum grounds under owner control ON A LEASH only.

The café does not allow dogs, but there is a dog friendly area next to the café.

Dogs are not permitted in any buildings.

The Dog Park:

Construction is underway of the new leash-free dog park at New Italy Museum.

Located behind the rear car park off Swan Bay road, the park will be open to the public between 6am and 8pm daily.

Please note the rules and conditions that apply to all visitors and their pets.

Dogs MUST be on a leash at all times outside of the designated ‘off-leash’ area.

Off-leash dog park rules

You can only exercise dogs:

  • in the areas signed as off-leash areas
  • within these off-leash areas and you must put dogs back on their leash when you leave the sign-posted area.


Dogs must always be:

  • no more than 30 metres from the person walking them
  • under effective control by voice command or hand signal at all times
  • wearing a current registration tag
  • Dogs must not chase people or other animals.
  • You must clean up your dog’s droppings and put them in the bin.
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