Grandma & Aunty – This is a note to draw attention to my grandmother Teresa Pellizer and her sister Mary Pellizer. I recently visited New Italy for the first time and found little about these women and their parents, Agostino and Fiorina Pellizer. In the school role Teresa and Mary”s names were recorded. Their parents’ were among the group photographed and included in this website. Our family has stories and photographs about Agostino & Fiorina that I would like included in the museums collection.

Agostino and Fiorina were both widowed and lost children on the journey to Australia. They went in different directions on arrival in Sydney. Later they met and married before coming to New Italy. Fiorina first married a Bertoli and had children. Mary, and then Teresa were the product of that union of Agostino and Fiorina. Mary remained single and Teresa married Paddy O’Connor.

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