Angelo Zaia(1817-1894) & Madelina ‘Mazina’ (1841-1886) came to Australia on the ‘James Patterson’ in 1881.

Angelo was married twice before. Matilda Crean (since deceased) informs us        “ He said he married three Angelas.”

‘Natty’ Zaia (since deceased) says that some of the family were in the Lismore district. He also tells us that Angelo & Mazina left Italy with a lot of money, 1500 pounds (?!), after selling up there.

The eldest son would have to join the army soon, so they left with him in a box and did not let him out until they were out to sea.

The Zaia’s owned a considerable amount of property in & around Wellington N.S.W.

Angelo & Madelina’s daughter Mary (1870-1936), called ‘Mazetta’ (Little Mary) married David Cowan (Wellington).

The Zaia family tree has been researched from a ‘Sayer’ descendant from Scarborough, QLD.

Submitted by Alicia Gauld (from the written by Jeanne Gauld, whose Great grandmother was Mary Zaia), sources are oral and some documented.

I would love to hear from anyone with information from the Zaia/Zayer family tree, especially pre Australian settlement. Thankyou.

Alicia Gauld

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